5 important things that are waiting for Liverpool after Madrid

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5 important things that are waiting for Liverpool after Madrid is unable to break through the 16-team UEFA Champions League

1. The problem of “away matches” that must urgently solve

may not notice much (when the focus is on Mysterious white away kit, that’s more) But it’s starting to become something that can’t be joked that the problem of Liverpool 2022/23 is not different from Manchester United in the slightest. shocking

When watching at home, Liverpool is ready to win every team. But when going out of the house Something doesn’t happen every time.

the problem is like “The scar in the middle of the back” means that I know that I can’t see it. In fact, it began with with the start of this season ever When it appears that Liverpool’s first 5 away games of the season have not won a single match!

  • Draw Fulham 2-2 (Premier League)

    Lose Manchester United 1-2 (Premier League)

    Draw Everton 0-0 (Premier League)

    Lose Napoli 1-4 (Chpl.)

    Defeated Arsenal Nol 2-3 (Premier League)

Then, from day to month from months to years Believe it or not, Liverpool have never been able to establish a foothold in winning more than ‘two games in a row’ away from home – the only time this season has happened was in late October when they crushed Ajax. 3-0, followed by coming back to defeat Spurs 2-1 in London, just like this

In addition, losing to Napoli 1-4 (the opening game in the first round of the Champions League) had a serious effect on the conclusion of Group A. Same score (15:15), but it’s inferior to head-to-head.

What followed after that?

Group runners-up Liverpool were quickly halted by a loss to Real Madrid on both legs.

As for the group champion, Napoli went to squander Frankfurt with a total score of 5-0. Comfortable!

Including the latest games at the Bernabeu, it will mean that Liverpool have played the last 6 away games with only one win and 4 defeats (white kit has nothing to do with because losing 3 out of these 4 games they wore normal red)

  • Defeat Brighton 1-2 (FA Cup)

    Defeat Wolves 0-3 (Premier League)

    Newcastle 2-0 win (Premier League)

    Crystal Palace 0-0 (Premier League)

    Defeated Bournemouth 0-1 (Premier League)

    Lost Real Madrid 0-1 (CPL)

That makes the overview of the away field this season. Can’t come out and see it — Played 20 games, only won 6, drawn 3 and lost 11 games together, or “losing more than half”

Without a doubt, this is a very big problem that Jurgen Klopp needs to solve… before it’s too late.

Liverpool have 6 away games left in the queue, purely in the Premier League. (When all other items have been dropped), it’s just that you should wipe your sweat, yes, that 6 matches seem to be no easy game at all.

01/04 at Manchester City

04/04 at Chelsea

17/04 at Leeds United

26/04 at West Ham United

13/05 at Leicester City

28/05 at Southampton

2. The top four of the Premier League must be achieved!

Continuing from the above point or not, Liverpool must hurry to adjust the form away from home to fall into place as soon as possible. It started after this month’s international break. and at the same time must maintain a high standard of playing in Anfield

Not to mention or elaborate on another item. When what awaits Liverpool is this season There is only a summary of the Premier League 2022/23.

Which is not bad at all with the performance of the home game, which appears that Liverpool is the 3rd best in the league at this time.

13 home games, 9 wins, 3 draws, 1 loss, total 30 points.

More than that, only two teams are Manchester City (34) and Arsenal (32).

When a good performance like this (including winning Manchester United 7-0) is equal to Liverpool, do not be afraid of anyone when playing at home. Even if the visiting team is Arsenal (April 9) or Spurs (April 30), the swans still look intimidating. The villagers are doing well.

Therefore, it is inevitable that we will have to go back and talk about item 1. that we must hurry to adjust the form outside the house. (At an overview, it ranks only 12th out of 20 Premier teams, 13 away matches just got 12 points) as soon as possible.

3. If not this year, then next year.

Or if it’s really bad Out of home form can’t be fixed in time. Home form stumbles in the final arc, next season 2023/24 will become even more important.

Because in Klopp’s era, if you don’t count the early years, then at least the standard is for Liverpool to be one of the Premier League representatives. Compete in the UCL Big Ear Cup

This sequel lasted for 6 consecutive years, including this season.

  • 2017/18 runner-up (lost to Real Madrid 1-3)

    2018/19 champion (beat Spurs 2-0)

    2019/20 eliminated in the round of 16 teams

    2020/21 eliminated in the round of 8 teams

    2021/22 runner-up (lost to Real Madrid) Al Madrid 0-1)

    2022/23 Round of 16

This is the standard Klopp and the team behind him Invest and set aside And it shouldn’t break up. It was a decisive failure to play in the CPL for two years in a row.

Because, as we all know, the Champions League is like a gold stage. Unintentionally reaching the champion and receiving the whole box of money It’s a special bonus.

Liverpool have been away from the Champions League for many years and know very well that “Poverty is scary” when there is no money to spend on buying competitions. The gap in strength was further widened.

but let’s just say This aspect will have to wait and see in the long run.

4. The market for players who have to make good moves

Inevitably related to the previous item. When there was a news report that The very first condition that Liverpool will be determined by Jude Bellingham is whether they have a chance to compete for the Dortmund star’s signature. is to go or not go to the UEFA Champions League

And it would be no different with other leading players. to have the matter of the CHPL coming into consideration It is like a special attraction that affects the decisions of players and agents.

However, the example from beloved enemy Manchester United also shows that. If the money is ready to pay, missing the CHPL is not the most important thing.

Because in this season that Manchester United has only played Europa They also brought in five or six new signings, including world-class Casemiro .

So it’s up to FSG to be bold. How much money is approved for strengthening the army? at the time (If in the end) there is no CHPL as a revenue generator.

What’s important, apart from the budget, is that Klopp and the recruiting team should “buy the big one” , the kind that rips the envelope and works right out of the box. Rather than spending money to buy the future Emphasize on the younger self as it has been in the last few years.

Let’s not forget that the squad looks set to reach another crucial transition point, at least the SMF attack will come to an end when Roberto Firmino’s contract expires. There is still a midfield that looks like it should be adjusted. Both moving in and moving out (at least it shouldn’t be James Milner at the age of 37 who has to start a game against a team like Real Madrid again), as well as the back of the house. Who to keep, who to let go, who to add?

5. Don’t touch Jurgen Klopp!

last last No matter how this season ends How forgettable What the swan board must not touch The lightning command is strictly forbidden. It is a manager like Jurgen Klopp.

It might be a reference to the German coach’s “7th year mysteries”. which was both in his previous job and here at Anfield.

– Mainz in the seventh year (2001-2008)

relegated back to the second liga, unable to lead the team to promotion quickly before finally submitting the resignation letter

– Borussia Dortmund in its seventh year (2008–2015)

eliminated from the Champions League round of 16, losing the DFB-Pokal final, losing 14 league games until the end. Number 7, in the end, had to resign before the end of the season

– Liverpool in their seventh year (2015 onwards)

had the worst start to a season in their era, suffered injuries throughout the season, were eliminated in all competitions, won the Premier League title, only fought. to finish in the top four

As can be seen, this is really a bad year. Really bad, not based on fiction It’s like the year that Klopp and the Swan team fell in the “year of the year” seat without walking into the temple.

But that’s another The swan board could not be impatient. Judging by the results of this year. It can set. Even if in the end it won’t finish the top 4, you won’t go to the CHPL. Really come up.

Because I absolutely can’t forget that this is one of the top coaches in the battlefield Be the first and only person who led Liverpool to win the Premier League title, at the same time ascending to the European throne for 1 more time (and losing 2 finals).

How can you find someone who is capable and understands the way of Liverpool like this? There may not be another.