FIFA launches a new 2025 Club World Cup, hinting

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FIFA launches a new 2025 Club World Cup, hinting that there will be a team from England to go for sure.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino has confirmed that the new FIFA Club World Cup format will in operation by mid-2025 and will feature up to 32 participating clubs. In which one of them will definitely have Chelsea representing England. With a degree of winning the UEFA Champions League 2021

that the top teams in Europe Together will push the European Super League up, causing FIFA to try to retaliate. Organize more premium tournaments for these clubs. In addition to UEFA’s European program

The big idea is to change the world club stage. Originally a short tournament, kicking each other for 1 week, finishing in a manner “Club World Cup” instead. Which will play for a full month during the off-season.

According to Infantino’s latest revelations, the country. That will host the first new Club World Cup in 2025 has yet to finalize. But there will be at least two European representatives already participating, namely Chelsea and Real Madrid, who have won the last two UCLs.

“Details of the location still to negotiated. But it’s through the deal. And decide that The 32-team World Club format will implement. “It will be a club world tournament every four years and the first tournament will start in the summer of 2025.”

“During the tournament We will have representatives from continental champions each year. But it may need to go beyond that to meet the 32-club quota. But of course some of the best clubs in the world will invite to compete.”