Virgil van Dijk reveal weaknesses in Liverpool back panel

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Virgil van Dijk reveal weaknesses in Liverpool back panel.

Michael Owen and Rio Ferdinand, England legends Chorus chanting Virgil van Dijk. Liverpool ‘s main defender, is a weak point in the Reds defensive game. Plays more and more disappointingly every day. Especially in the latest game that lost to Real Madrid 0-1. Which was unsuccessful following Karim Benzema.

Although Real Madrid’s winning goal came late in the last few ten minutes. But before the goal The white team had the opportunity to lure targets many times. Both from Benzema and others until Alisson Becker had to leverage a super save to help 6-7 times. But eventually led the team to escape the clutches of the king. The white dress failed.

As for Van Dijk, he has been criticized since the 0-1 loss to Bournemouth. Then played even worse in yesterday’s game at the Santiago Bernabeu. Where Liverpool lost 2 goals on aggregate. -6

Ferdinand and Owen both comment on UFABET and the former Manchester United defender said: “In your career, There will always be some moments when everything doesn’t go as expected. But you can look at the top defenders and see how they go through it: John Terry, Jaap Stam, Vidic, Kompany, Sol Campbell and others. “

“I don’t remember them having a bad season all year. Or playing badly in a row for 8-9 games, of course, the form of the team has influence. that is some story Sometimes you want a team to lead you, but for Van Dijk he doesn’t have a team to lead you. In a way that would fit his style of play.

While Owen added: “Especially with this team. Because when Liverpool are playing well, their defenders don’t have much work to do. The problem is when you’re in a bad streak. It will immediately be a positioning issue.”

“Virgil seems very easy to break in lately. especially one-on-one duels Because he couldn’t handle the situation well. It only gets worse, worse, and worse.”

“When Liverpool play well, you can’t see the problem when they’re overshadowed by other plays. And he might not have much of a role in the game.

However, Liverpool will have time to rest and adjust their minds. (For non-national players) lasting 2 weeks during the first international break of the year. Before returning to play again in the Premier League. Away match against Manchester City on April 1